Embark on a thrilling adventure through various stages in Atomic Runner. Each stage offers unique challenges, environments, and enemies to overcome.

Stages in Atomic Runner
1. City RuinsExplore the post-apocalyptic urban landscape, navigating through debris-strewn streets and encountering robotic adversaries.
2. Volcanic CavernsDescend into the treacherous depths of volcanic caverns, avoiding fiery pits, falling debris, and navigating through volcanic terrain.
3. Bio-Mechanical JungleVenture into a surreal biomechanical ecosystem, filled with vibrant flora, interconnected platforms, and robotic creatures.
4. Cosmic Space StationExplore a futuristic space station, maneuvering through anti-gravity sections, floating platforms, and high-tech security systems.
5. Underwater AbyssDive into the depths of an underwater world, swimming through coral reefs, ancient ruins, and encountering diverse marine life.
6. Apocalyptic CitadelConquer the final stage, navigating through crumbling structures, intricate platforms, and engaging in a climactic showdown.

Embark on this retro gaming journey and navigate through the unique stages of Atomic Runner. Overcome the challenges, defeat enemies, and emerge victorious in this classic Sega game.